Civaux Electric

Civaux panel Fan & Filters

Civaux latest Ultra-Thin design Fan Filter equipped with IP 55 protection using Polyurethane Foam gasket on the back and with Clip Mounting System it is easy to install on the cabinet by snapping the whole filter onto the pre-cut hole. The Filter Mat can also change very conveniently when required.

Panel fan and filters details
Supply includes Complete unit ready to install, including IP55 filter mat
Installation Quick-fit technology enables fan filter unit to snap into prepared mounting cutouts to eliminate the need for any tools
Airflow direction Detach the fan from the filter and reversing the fan to change the airflow direction
Fan Frame Material Aluminum alloy die-casting
Fan Frame Finishing Black, anti-corrosion treatment
Impeller Plastic PBT, Black
Bearing type Ball
Operating/Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C
Operating/Storage humidity 0% to 95%
Available colours RAL7035 / RAL7032
Available Sizes 110 x 110 mm, 150 x 150 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 250 x 250 mm, 320 x 320 mm

Civaux panel Heaters

These heaters are used in enclosures where damage from condensation must be prevented, or where the temperature may not fall below a minimum value. The aluminum profile heater body design has a chimney effect and distributes the heat evenly. The heaters are designed for permanent operation. Pressure clamp connectors save time and simplify installation.

  • Pressure clamp connectors
  • Dynamic heating up
  • Wide voltage range
  • Energy saving
  • Clip fixing & Quick installation
Operating voltage 120 – 240 V AC/DC (min. 110 V, max. 265 V)
Heating Power 15 W, 25 W, 30 W, 50 W, 60 W, 75 W, 100 W, 150 W.
Maximum allowable current 3 A
Heating element PTC resistor - temperature limiting
Heater body extruded aluminum profile, anodized
Connection casing Plastic according to UL94 V-0, black
Mounting Clip for 35 mm DIN rail, EN 60715
Fitting position Vertical airflow (air outlet up, connection on bottom)
Operating/Storage temperature -45°C to +70°C
Operating/Storage humidity max. 90 % RH (non-condensing)
Protection type / Protection class IP20 / I (earthed)

Civaux cabinet LED lamp

The lamp series LED CCL5 is suitable for all types of panels and enclosures, especially where space is at a premium. The lamps have a very long service life thanks to the use of LED technology. Three different fixing options provide more flexibility for installation. The power output allows up to 10 lamps to be connected to each other (12VDC versions up to 5 lamps). Both the power input output connectors snap lock into their sockets. With the integrated power unit and the plugs, the lamp can quickly be connected.

  • Wide voltage range
  • Integrated power unit
  • Long-lived and maintenance-free by LED technology
  • Inbuilt On / Off switch
  • Magnet, screw

Civaux Regulators

Thermostats are used to regulate heat in the Enclosure. The contact system of the regulator is subjected to environmental influences, thus the contact resistance may change . This can lead to a voltage drop and/or self-heating of the contacts.

Thermostat for Cooling (NO) / Heating (NC)
  • Large setting range
  • Simple to mount
  • Small Size
  • High switching performance
Thermostat Dual
  • NO and NC in one casing
  • Separate adjustable temperatures
  • High switching capacity
  • Terminals easily accessible
  • Clip fixing
Hygrostat & Hygrotherm
  • Temperature & Humidity adjustable
  • Wide voltage range
  • Operating temperature down to -40 degree Celsius
  • Status indicator (LED)
  • High Switching capacity

Indication lamp & switch
LED Pilot Light

Civaux CX9 is a professional range of Roundhead pilot lights fitted with an integral LED and a choice of colors and operating voltages

Push Button Switch

Civaux CX9 range of plastic Roundhead control and signaling units are designed for Start/Stop control of machines and installations with choice of colors.

Emergency Stop Mushroom Head Pushbutton

Civaux CX9 range of plastic Roundhead control and signaling units are designed for Start/Stop control of machines