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Enza Electric

Enza Current transformer

Current transformer is used to step down the higher current in primary and protects the measuring instruments against high currents. Low Voltage Transformers are used for supply to measuring instruments & protection devices of electrical switchgear and control gears installation. They are suitable for system voltage 415/660V & Frequency 50/60 Hz. These Current Transformers are designed for a secondary current of 1A or 5A and the primary current ranging from 5A to 7500A depending on the application of the system load current.

Analog & Digital meters
Analog meters

Analog Meters are used in panels to measure electrical parameters like current, voltmeter, power factor, frequency etc.They display values on a dial, usually with a moving pointer or needle

Digital panel meters

Digital panel meters measure and display processes and electrical variables via an alphanumeric digital readout.Enza digital panel meters are used for measurement and analysis of wide range of electrical parameters

Enza Relays & Timers
Earth leakage relays

An earth leakage relay is a device used to sense earth leakages and open a circuit breaker when the leakage current exceeds the preset value. It can protect human beings from electrocution and prevent fire hazards. Earth leakage relays are used in combination with Core balance current transformers (CBCT) or zero phase current transformer (ZCT). Earth Leakage Relay is an industrial grade control device used for protection purposes. The main function of the ELR is to monitor the circuit for leakage / ground fault current and trip in case the leakage current exceeds the set point.

Under voltage relays

A relay that has contacts that operate when the voltage drops below a set voltage. Undervoltage relays are used for protection against voltage drops, to detect short-circuit faults, etc. The main function of the relay is to sense or detect the abnormalities in the circuit and to send a message to circuit breaker to break the circuit. In case of undervoltage relay if the voltage in the circuit or system is less than prescribed value it will disconnect the circuit with the help of circuit breaker.

Star delta timer

star-delta timing relay is used for start-up control of three- phase motors. The time in star operation is continuously adjustable in the respective time range. As standard, the device is offered in 4-time ranges and 3 contact changeover times

Enza Door limit switches
Technical data
  • Comply with standards IEC 60947-5-1
  • Mechanical Life: 600,000 times
  • AC Current: 1A, 5A
  • Electrical Life: 300,000 times
  • Operation frequency: 40t/min
  • UI 415v Lth 10A
  • AC-15 AC380V le0.79A
  • DC-13 DC220V le0.14A
  • Ambient temperature: -5 degree to +40 degree Celsius
  • Degree of protection: IP52
  • Tropicalization: Humidity is 85% (20 degree Celsius)
  • Altitude: less than 2000m