Stefan Electric

Stefan Current transformers

Current transformer is used to step down the higher current in primary and protects the measuring instruments against high currents. Low Voltage Transformers are used for supply to measuring instruments & protection devices of electrical switchgear and control gears installation.

Technical data
  • Two types of CT are available- Moulded case Current transformer and Split Core Current Transformer.
  • Mounded case current transformers are used if high currents are to be recorded and further processed
  • Available in wide range from 40A to 6000A suitable to be used in all applications
  • Split core CTs suitable to be used into an existing installation without any additional mounting requirements.
  • Available up to 5000A Primary current
  • Casing - Non-flammable, self-extinguishing ABS / PC
  • Unbreakable plastic housing of polycarbonate, Self-extinguishing, UL94-V0 and flame resistant
  • Nickel-plated secondary terminals & Integrated Secondary Locking Caps for all CTs.
  • Accuracy class: Class 0.5, Class 0.2S, Class 1

Stefan Analog & Digital meters
Analog panel meters

Analog Meters are used in panels to measure electrical parameters like current, voltmeter, power factor, frequency etc.They display values on a dial, usually with a moving pointer or needle.

  • Analog Voltmeters with size 72x72 and 96x96 are available
  • Analog Ammeters with size 72x72 and 96x96 are available
  • Analog MDI meter with size 72x72 and 96x96 are available
  • Analog Power factor Meter with size 72x72 and 96x96 are available
  • Analog frequency Meter with size 72x72 and 96x96 are available
Digital panel meters

Stefan digital panel meters are used for measurement and analysis of wide range of electrical parameters

  • Supply Voltage 240 V AC
  • AC voltage: 100V, 250V, 400V
  • AC Current: 1A, 5A
  • Available in size 96x96
  • Available with RS 485 (MODBUS) Communication protocol
  • CT primary 5A – 10,000A (Programmable for any values)

Stefan modular contactor

Stefan Modular Contactors SB, SBM & SBX are used for commutation of Single Phase & Three Phase low power electrical consumers. They can be combined with auxiliary control, protection & indication functions. It can be used for remote control application in alternative networks: Lighting, Heating, Ventilation roller blinds, sanitary hot water, mechanical ventilation system, load-shedding of non-priority systems etc.

  • Switching ON OFF consumers
  • Making of control systems
  • Remarkable with high reliability of current characteristics
  • Reliable switching ON or separation of Power Contacts.

Stefan door limit switches

This particular limit switch has been developed by Stefan Electric in order to fulfill all the requests coming from applications in which there is the necessity to simulate the changeover in contacts position without acting directly, on the plunger of the switch. The use of this device is particularly useful in the realization of electrical boards in order to simulate the closing of the door simply by pushing the yellow button on the limit switch; the assigned staff will then be able to work on the internal circuit to make modifications, maintenance, etc... The conditions of normal operation are automatically restored once the door of the electric board is closed.

  • Stainless punch and spring
  • No positioning limit. Electrically separated contacts
  • Precise operating points (consistency)
  • Replaceable Snap action contacts
  • Immune to electromagnetic disturbances
  • Water-proof and Oil-proof construction
  • Double spring mechanism ensure longer mechanical life
  • Casing material Plastic
  • Rated current at 250V AC15 6A
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui 690V
  • Rated impulse withstands voltage Uimp 6kV
  • Protection against electrical shocks (IEC 61140) II
  • Protection degree EN60529 IP65
  • Mounting positions All position is authorized
  • Applicable standards IEC 947-5-1 & EN 60947-5-1

Stefan Relays
Earth leakage relays
  • Earth leakage relays with trip levels 0.03-3A
  • Configurable Earth leakage Time delay from 0-10 S
  • Available in two types Din Rail Mount and Panel Mount
  • Core Balance Current Transformer with diameter 35mm,50mm,70mm,120mm,150mm, 210mm also, 115x305mm Rec and 150x350mm Rec are available
  • LED indication for relay status, CT open, Earth leakage fault & Test/Reset switch feature
Under voltage relays

A relay that has contacts that operate when the voltage drops below a set voltage. Undervoltage relays are used for protection against voltage drops, to detect short-circuit faults, etc. The main function of the relay is to sense or detect the abnormalities in the circuit and to send a message to circuit breaker to break the circuit. In case of undervoltage relay if the voltage in the circuit or system is less than prescribed value it will disconnect the circuit with the help of circuit breaker.